Hashtags for Likes
May 13, 2019

Hashtags for Likes

A hashtag has by now become a consistent part of social media so the chances are you might be acquainted with the symbol. Hashtags however aren’t just a part of some stupid slang kid’s these days are using! Infact it can actually be largely helpful in promoting a business, company or product. Hashtags are a great way to attract and secure new potential customers and possible followers on social media. In order to do say, first it is essential to understand what exactly is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are basically just a keyword followed by a hash sign (#).  In social media its use is to help other users who are interested in your topic to find it when they search for the keyword or hashtag. For instance- suppose you were a cake-baking company just starting out on social media and trying to gain more customers. You’d make an Instagram account, looking to attract some youths and post a video or photo promoting your service and product accompanied by a series of hashtags relating to the cake-baking industries (#cake; #thebakefeed; #cakedecorating; #foodstagram). Now whenever an individual would be going through the same tags they would come across your post and depending on the quality of it they might get intrigued and go to your page- consequentially discovering your shop!

Even if you’re not particularly looking for promotion of your business or company and instead just want some social media coverage; Hashtags are still there to help. Adding hashtags to your posts, actively and substantially increases activity on your page/blog. It gives your social media more visibility and better helps people discover your content. Given it provides more visibility to your content it’s a smart strategy to increase the number of likes and share your content receives.

Hashtags are essentially used to categorize content in order to help people find the thing they are looking for faster and in a more efficient manner- this is where inappropriate usage of hashtags comes into frame. So far we’ve established Hashtags are a way for people to have better access to preferred content- therefore it is important to tag your content properly. Promoters and creators often use unnecessary and even unrelated hashtags while tagging their work; this leads to their brand getting a reputation for being annoying.

When users are looking for a particular topic and are going through the trouble of looking up specific tags they expect to find the same. If your content relating to said Cake-baking is shown in the Musicals tag- well that’s just inappropriate. It’s always crucial to remember that you only want to tag your content with hashtags relating to the same content. While using irrelevant tags would give you more visibility it can also lead to people finding your blog/page irritating.

Hashtags are a wonderful way to gain more social media exposure and as long as they are used correctly the will continue to benefit your business leading to more new and engaged followers and customers. 

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