Digital Marketing Course after 12th
June 25, 2019

So, you are at the twilight of your school life, puzzled in making decisions and choosing subjects which can be life-changing. To put an end to the confusion, you can understand about digital marketing prospects after 12th in the following article.

A large count of students out there often asks if they should pursue the digital marketing course.

The answer is a big YES! Not only you can learn but also have a morning person benefit in this mushrooming industry.

As far we know about 12th students, the present generation tend to do something different. Some like writing some have a desire of knowing about recent trends, some love programming and some also know how to develop WordPress, some want to launch their own company. The challenge is they are not able to find a place to explore their talents and caretakers won’t let you go for making a Facebook Page.

But there exists a course where you can meet your needs without compromising your future. And the course we are talking about is Digital Marketing. Yes you got that right! It is the latest, distinct and worthwhile course after 12th which is very different from your general course material but promising a blossoming and vibrant future.

Let’s discuss about it more.

About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes strategies and tactics that help you accomplish business objectives through planned online marketing efforts.

You aspire to write, launch your own blog using Online Marketing strategies. Flipkart and Amazon have achieved popularity because of Digital Marketing. Display your skills of singing and dancing via YouTube and improve your handle using Digital Media strategies.

It is, beyond question, the most recommended course after HSC (12th) for science, commerce and art students.

Different Nodes

A Digital Marketing Course consists of the following nodes:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Material Advertising
  • Web Analytics
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Local Advertising and so on.

Digital Marketing-An Upbeat Career

About 2-3 decades back, people had confined sources of information like TV, newspaper, magazines, and radio.

Now, they are more engaged in Facebook and receive updates virtually. They prefer to watch videos on YouTube and go through online write-ups rather than newspaper and TV.

Everybody loves Digital media and has been addicted to this and making Digital Marketing so much vital.

The Future of Digital Marketing in India

The scope of digital marketing in India is worthwhile because

  • Digital marketing is a fresh industry.
  • Just about all sorts of organization require Digital Marketers.
  • The number of jobs in Digital Marketing will exceed 4 lakhs in future.
  • There is shortage of digital marketers at present.
  • Digital Marketers are offered the maximum wages.

Salary Offered in India

The salary offered to Digital Marketing freshers is quite decent in India. And, if you have any professional experience in the same, you can earn good.

  • For fresher’s: Rs. 3.6 lakh/ annum or Rs. 4.5- 5 lakh/annum.
  • For 5-10 years of experience: Rs. 12-20 lakhs/annum.
  • For 10+ years of experience: Rs. 20 lakhs-50 lakhs/annum.

Courses Available

A number of online channels are available which offer free lectures in Digital Marketing. Yet, issues occur when you confront a challenge in real-time grasping. A few educational settings also have benefitted from this tutorial and over-quoted their programs that only a handful of students can bear it.Keep this thing in mind and opt for the finest Digital Marketing Institute which can teach you about Digital Marketing briefly.

About the Syllabus

It is the most crucial aspect to learn about Digital Marketing. You must decide what you are going to study or what a Digital Marketing Institute should educate you in its curriculum. The Digital Marketing lesson plan should have-

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • OE Model & Technical Fundamentals
  • Website Crafting, Creation, and Anchoring like an Expert
  • Marketing Strategy Architecture (4P Model)
  • Upgraded OnPage SEO, Offpage SEO & Link-Creation
  • Google My Business & Local SEO
  • Material Forming, Scripting, & Advertising.
  • Email Advertising & Automation
  • Google Webmasters
  • Google Adwords
  • Controlling & Developing Facebook Handles
  • Facebook Marketing
  • ReMarketing & ReTargeting
  • Google Analytics – Data Science
  • Writing and Local Advertising
  • Writing and Google Adsense
  • Create, Develop, & Earn through YouTube Channel
  • Ads Designing for Online Promotion

Digital Marketing is honestly a demand of the present setting. You can have a benefit of an early bird if you accomplish the digital marketing courseware after HSC (12th). If you are aware of it now and begin grasping it, you can be the most sought-after candidate in the future. Enrol for a digital marketing course and dive deep into the basics and kickstart a lucrative career in the same.

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