How Voice Search Becoming An Emerging Trend In 2020
December 21, 2019

How much do you like to talk than to type? Talking is much easier and quicker than typing. Google understood this and made an all new advantageous platform.

Google voice Search, a totally new concept introduced by Google in 2011. This technology emerged as a total new advancement in the Internet technology. The emerging trend of this Voice recognition app have gotten all the marketers climbing walls upside down.

Do you really know about Voice Search?

Google voice search is basically a Google assistant which enables you fast and easy search on the Internet without having to type anything. The use and dominance of smartphones, mobile voice search has been expanding to a great deal. It can be observed how the smart speaker voice search is changing the interaction of people with the technology. Nowadays, mostly, people tend to use voice recognition apps to talk with the digital devices instead of making more use of fingers to type or search. With such enhancements, use of online searches and the ways of search in and surfing internet is changing fundamentally.

How did people take Google voice recognition initially?

Initially in 2011 when Google voice recognition was introduced, people took it more as a novelty than as a feature and didn’t rely much upon it for their search purposes. With the increasing use of smartphones and other smart devices, use of the voice recognition and Google assistant increased too.

Use of voice search in the current times and expected in 2020…

With the improvement in the voice search technology and enhancements in the capabilities of the connected devices the various digital marketing agency are making use of the latest speech and voice recognition technologies to forefront their search marketing. Through the current statistics it can be contained that 41% of adults make use of voice recognition app at least once per day for their search purpose on the the Internet daily. By 2020, these statistics is expected to rise up to 50% where the use of voice search and Google assistant will hopefully show an increment.

Common Voice Search Devices:

The use of voice search in households have increased with the smart speaker voice search devices. This technology has not just shown advancement in any particular country or region but have spread its roots throughout the globe. In the beginning, the earlier products associated with the voice search technology such as Siri and Alexa were considered novel and entertaining and were asked silly questions by the people just to observe the responses given by the devices.

As the voice technologies are improving drastically, new hardware like those of Google Home and apple HomePod is displaying increase demand among the consumers and making a wider scope in the marketplace.

 Voice Search Devices

Future of Voice Search in 2020 and beyond: An expectation

The future of voice search game plan seems to be quite strong. It is expected that, by 2020, there would be 30% hike in screen-less web browsing. The emerging trends of the voice search technology is expected to show a rise of up to 50% in the use of voice search through 2020.

It is interesting to guess on the predictions while we don’t actually know what will exactly happen. It is also amazing how people like to play the prediction game even when they forget things that might happen in reality by the time it actually occur.

Let’s consider mobility of voice search devices globally…

The voice search is not only available with the smart speakers, many other devices have adopted the technology of voice search too. Any person possessing a smartphone or a smart device knows how mobile a voice search is. The Google voice search presents optimization of the technology of voice search in more than 100 languages itself. As far back as 2016, Google reported that 20% of searches on its apps and Android devices were performed using voice search.

The accuracy rate in the search results for the Google speech recognition can be observed up to 90% if spoken in the English Language. These trends are increasing which are mostly facilitated by the advancements shown in the speech recognition technology.

You would be surprised to know that the Voice search is even changing the Search Engine Optimization. Let’s see how…

Emerging trends of Voice search technology is showing huge differences and improvements in the search results in comparison to the initial times, Google is not the only technology company working on the perfection of the voice search result accuracy. A Chinese search engine named iFlytek provides 98% accuracy whereas Google provides 95% accuracy in results. It is predicted that the iFlytek will achieve 99% accuracy rate in search results in the coming 3 years.

The optimization of results with the search key through voice search can be achieved by the following:

  • Making use of natural language having direct answers to the specific questions is the main key.
  • Schema markup and use of rich snippets helps in keeps queries and their answers in a better understandable context by the search engines.
  • As is voice search is quite often used for conduction of local searches, it has become important for the merchants to keep their Google My Business listing and eCommerce stores in an appropriate order along with up-to-date operating information.
  • Making sure that the content is fresh and optimized by eliminating page duplicacy, outdated contact information and the different old operating hours.

The digital marketing courses contain a section of voice search where all the relevant information and uses of voice search are taught. The Inausco Digital is one such digital marketing institution that covers the course of voice search in a very great way and the students also get to learn about the practical use of voice search for their SEO purposes.

Let us know, what do you think about the predictions and emerging trends regarding the voice search technology and its use in Search Engine Optimization.

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