Reasons why Social media help with marketing for small businesses ?
March 27, 2019

Reasons why Social media help with marketing for small businesses

As of today about 97% of marketers are using social media and the platform it offers to better reach their audience and increase the growth of their business. When it comes to small businesses especially, marketing through social media is probably the best bet, not only is this strategy of digital marketing budget friendly and cost efficient but it also very much versatile and helps greatly in improving sales. Here are some of the reasons to further convince you why social media helps a great deal with marketing.

Easier way to gain customers

In the world of technology it seems almost everyone you know (and their dogs too apparently) are on social media; for a small business this is the perfect opportunity to put themselves out there and secure some potential customers. Instead of waiting around for them to come knocking at your doors start going to them.

More responsive customers

Even though social media is a way for users to connect to network and keep in touch with their families and friends; it’s not unusual for them to interact with a brand or company. While it is true that users aren’t overly fond of being marketed to it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to enjoy the content you put out. Having a social media presence is just as much about giving your brand a personality and parading you campaign values as it is about advertising. Consumers are more likely to be better responsive and perceptive to your brand messages on social media as it allows you to be more conversational and gives you a platform to show your brand’s other side that isn’t just compiled of direct marketing messages.

Inbound Traffic

Social media is yet another way to ensure increase in the inbound traffic of your company which makes social media a perfect alliance to your search engine optimization schemes. To make sure you get the most out of it and enjoy a hearty inbound traffic it’s important for your content to be of quality and for it to have some consistency to it. Your content would attract more people to your site and in turn provides you with a larger audience to convert.

Cost efficiency

Having a presence on the social media costs little to nothing short of the time and effort that needs to go in your content creation. It’s a splendid way to maintain a cheaper and much affordable budget without having to sacrifice on results. However you would have to make sure your content lives up to expectations and that your conversation with consumers is if not huge, enough.

Improving search engine ranking

It’s possible you’re already working on your search engine ranking and trying to improve it by giving it much effort. Well having a social media presence might do just that for you. Even though ranking factors are ever changing and don’t have a consistent pattern to it you can rest assured that social media no matter what will always be a safe bet. Search engines often judge your credibility, dependability and worth based on your social media presence.

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