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About This Course

In the world of quick searches and newsfeeds everything that is available is present over the internet. Naturally, it has turned into the backbone of marketing and sales in almost all forms of business. So, if you want your career to shoot sky-high then it’s high time to cater expertise of the domain of digital marketing. To help you out in this endeavour, INAUSCO Digital is here to lead the way.

Digital marketing is a broad sphere that intends on advertising and selling of products or services through a set of digital tools by using various forms of internet as a platform. And to impart absolute expertise over every nooks, our digital marketing course comes in various modules:

  • Social selling certified associate training program.
  • Advanced website conversion rate optimization
  • Advanced social media certification programs
  • Advanced SEO tutorials
  • Advanced Search engine optimization certification program
  • Advanced pay per click certification program
  • Advanced mobile marketing
  • Advanced email marketing
  • Advanced content marketing
  • Digital marketing certified associate
  • Digital marketing specialist

Why choose us?

INAUSCO Digital believes in absolute expertise. And that has driven us to craft our course modules which starts from scratch and adepts the trainees through every shades of digital marketing. Thus in our courses you get weekly assignments, certificates, live demos and practices with projects and even international projects and marketing initiatives etc. so that every trainee emerges as a trained industry experts.

Who all can join?

Digital marketing is a vast sphere and almost all professionals use some form of it or others. So whether you are a student or an MBA professional, or a career switcher, or an entrepreneurs or any IT professional or others associated with marketing profiles learning digital marketing is a must.

Looking for a golden career? Join INAUSCO Digital’s unique digital marketing course now. To know more get in touch now.

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