COBIT 5- Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies

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The control objectives for information and related technologies or COBIT 5 foundation course will provide you with a clear understanding of the COBIT 5 framework. It will allow you to learn how to manage and govern enterprises in IT environments. The course will also provide you with an understanding on the end-to-end business perspective on IT governance and enable you to play the role of an IT to create value for the enterprise. Interested individuals will master in the areas of COBIT 5 principles, implementation phrases, enablers, process capabilities assessment models, boost your chances to grow greatly in the sector. The course a complete set of 6 lessons, which covers the 7 enablers and 5 principles that create the formation of the COBIT 5 business framework, respectively. During the course, individuals will learn numerous types of skills that will allow them to control and handle the COBIT 5 framework, which will lead to rewards and benefits in the process.

INAUSCO Digital has taken the responsibility to provide elite courses for the COBIT 5 framework for all those candidates who are very keen to learn it. The courses will cover all the main points and parts of COBIT 5 and with the help of regular classes, the process of understanding the course will become easier for all the students.

Who can take the course?

Individuals who work in the areas of insurance and audit risk management, regulatory and compliance, or information security, then the course of COBIT 5 is the one-step solution to master information technology. In the IT sector, IT managers, quality professionals, developers, managers and process practitioners will find this course to be helpful as well.

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Our COBIT 5 courses contain a 10-hour video e-learning content of high quality, 10 real-life examples and study sessions, held by an experienced instructor in the field will allow our students to gain a deeper knowledge of the course.

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