Digital & Social Selling Certified Associate Training Program

This course will help expand your knowledge about Digital marketing. Furthermore, you can learn not only the basics of Digital Marketing but also the mindset, skillset as well as toll set of training.


Digital marketing is a growing space that has become a rage all over the market thanks to its innovative strategies and effective tools that can boost your business like no other. Marketing has always been an important aspect of any venture, irrespective of the sector, size or scalability it has. You can have the most kickass product or service and still not be a success, just because you couldn’t promote it well.

Gone are the days when hoardings and pamphlets were the be all and end all of brand promotion. Today, the playing field has considerable broadened with several social media marketing, content marketing, SEO marketing and email marketing entering the picture. Digital marketing is a branch that deals with advertising the brand across digital platforms like television and other mediums.

With the growth of digital marketing, there are more and more job opportunities in the field as well. Read on to know more about the scope in digital marketing programs and how they can benefit you.

Who Would Benefit from Digital Marketing Courses?

The digital social selling certified associate training programme is a course specially curated for digital marketers, developers and business analysts. Even freshers and experienced professionals can apply for the program to learn new skills and upgrade their technical knowledge. The curriculum is a perfect blend of theory classes and practical training. The lab sessions hold equal weightage in the syllabus, giving you some hands-on experience in dealing with clients.

Finding the best Digital Marketing Training Centres

A quick look online will give you the names of the best institutes in the neighbourhood. We at INAUSCO Digital, have a team of credible teachers and experts who will give you a holistic and comprehensive learning experience. You can give us a call or write to us at the email address provided for more details.

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