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Advanced learning

Our summer training program allows the trainee to get a direct look-see into the workings of the industry and learn the inherent details of it.

Developing skills

The training helps the students to develop the necessary soft skills, digital workarounds, and other working skills to ensure proper involvement and practical understanding.

Digital interface

Our summer training module puts importance on the digital aspect of the business, namely software developments and usage and providing the students with info about handling them.

Hands-on approach

We believe in the mantra of “Self-help is the best help” and therefore provide practical training with the actual tools of the business. This enables the trainees to get early exposure.

About Inausco Digital

Digital marketing has now become an important discipline to pursue the proper running of a business. The internet, cloud computing, machine learning, AI, even customer trends are digitally analyzed to create the most versatile choice list for prospective customers. Naturally, to handle these digital tasks of online marketing, the companies, veterans and new alike require people trained and certified in these particular tasks. We, at INAUSCO digital, have been performing this job commendably for many years. We provide certification courses on various aspects of digital marketing.
INAUSCO Digital is not only a professional coaching center; it also provides complete education in the subjects that have high demand in the digital marketing sector. We give the most updated theory to our students and include the most recent developments in the specific sector. Our panels of trainers are the authorities in their fields and therefore provide the clearest and concise education to our students. We provide class-notes; supplementary homework’s and question banks for the students so that they can have enough practice. Our educational assistants are approachable and provide the answer to any query from the students.


We provide training and undertake projects to teach our students about the ways the issues are handled in the real world. We provide mentors to the students who are the most accomplished persons in their field. Here’s what you need to know about our courses:

  • They provide the correct guidance and point out the direction the student may take in their professional life.
  • We engage them with a project that enables them to develop the necessary problem-solving skills.
  • INAUSCO Digital also provides certification courses on various aspects of digital marketing.
  • These courses are always in demand as we provide in-depth study and explain the ways to handle data to collate and utilize them to generate revenue for the company.
  • Apply for the positions in our institute quickly.


Our courses are designed and meant for digital marketing aspirants, budding marketers, entrepreneurs, and students who wish to make a career in this field. Those interested to take their career forward in agile SCRUM technologies, IT architecture, and DevOps can also find their suitable courses here. We have also crafted specialized courses for data science aspirants and students who wish to take up web security as a discipline. The minimum eligibility for our courses would be a bachelor’s degree.
For specialized eligibility information and more knowledge of the course, call us today or simply visit our site.


Our course modules are diverse as well as comprehensive. We cater to every single discipline that comes under industrial, marketing, and enterprise infrastructure training. Since every course is different and unique, the duration for each of them is specific. The duration of these courses depend on eligibility of students.
For further answers on queries about duration, make sure you call our representatives or log on to our official website.

How to Apply

The application process is simple and hassle-free. At INAUSCO Digital, we have made sure our students get the right guidance while applying for the course and can perform the entire process in a hassle-free way.
You can simply fill in the application form online or contact us for further details. We will guide you through the process of enrollment.

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